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How to be More Effective at What You Do

When we work with clients, the first question we ask them is: ‘Would you like things to be different?’ More often than not, the answer is a resounding, ‘YES!’ ...
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Weaving a brighter future – How Anna used our Start-up programme as a springboard to business success

‘It has been lovely to maintain contact and develop links through Future Fixers, as I try to make the most of networking opportunities. Future Fixers has provided an essential ...
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How Peer Support Boosts Confidence, Motivates and Empowers You to Make a Difference

  ‘These sessions are great. I’m still working on myself but networking and listening to other people’s challenges has enabled me to have a wider perspective about the challenges ...
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A ‘Gem’ of a Business – Read about Gemma’s Journey with Future Fixers

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The Magic of Journalling

What are your favourite things about the current season? Consider all your senses: the smells, sights, sounds, feels (touch) and tastes that you experience. Write for 5 mins using ...
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YOU Are Your Business

Setting up your own purposeful business with Future Fixers makes sense if you’re itching to harness your creativity and you’re passionate about doing your bit for the environment. Megan ...
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