Future Fixers Start-ups

‘Thanks for the great course you run, going the extra mile and genuinely supporting everyone throughout. I took so much from it, enjoyed the whole experience, and feel richer for it. Whilst nobody can guarantee your business success in the modern world, you led me by the hand, guided me through all the learning and added several doses of magic to point me in the right direction.’

Chris Shepard, Naked Build Company

‘Future Fixers really helped me clarify my business thoughts and gave me confidence in how I presented them. Karen and Dave have a great way of making you think differently and of creating a personal connection to your business and its values. It was great to meet like-minded people taking the same journey and to create an instant network of support. It’s nice to be part of a growing sector of businesses who want to make a positive impact on the earth. Thanks.’

Gemma Wren, Natures Gems

‘The Future Fixers programme is a fantastic way to build your business structure, plan and ethics. Karen and David are the perfect tag team sharing knowledge and resources to get you well on the way to growing a people and planet focused business.’

Emmie Coxey, The Travelling Yoga Tent

‘By attending the Future-Fixers Start-up course I have received practical advice on where to go for help with structuring my business.  I also have more understanding of the obstacles in my path and have enjoyed feeling part of a positive community of people supporting each other to move forward.’
‘Karen and Dave have created a wonderful programme to help support fledgling businesses not only get off the ground, but also to question or re-address the why and the what of your business so that the how becomes more clear and less daunting. They’ve put a lot of thought as well as heart into this course and were always on the lookout for helpful websites or podcasts that could encourage each and every one of us. It made me feel as though I wasn’t just another face in a box on a screen, but that they were really rooting for me on an individual level too, for which I am truly grateful. Thank you very much.’

‘Future Fixers has been great in helping me break down the process of planning my business and has helped me clarify my goals and values for the business. The course has also instilled in me greater confidence going forward in launching my business, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know other, similarly minded people.’

Emily May Brown

‘The support I received through Future Fixers has been worthwhile and will continue to be as I develop further and put new ideas and inspiration into practice. We had a friendly and supportive group led by Karen and Dave who deliver a perfect mix of business and personal development training that encourages you to place who you are and what you stand for at the heart of your business planning.
Future Fixers places a strong emphasis on considering how we run businesses with values that respect the environment and people, including ourselves, to put us in the best position for creating a successful and sustainable enterprise. This course was run via Zoom yet was friendly and personal. The business course has all the key ingredients of a good business course but without the need for me to be the perfect business start-up student that fits into the prescribed boxes, allowing me to plan business holistically from where I’m at right now.’
‘I created a business focused on the needs of cyclists, because I have been passionate about cycling all my life. The Future Fixers course has been a great platform for helping me to build my confidence, and for opening up a wide range of networks for my business.’
‘I only had the seed of an idea when I started the Future Fixers course, but the workshops really helped to clarify what I’m working towards, and why I’m doing it. This is a really fresh and progressive approach to the practical steps any new business has to take to get off the ground. Thank you so much Karen and Dave.’
Tom Woods

Coaching Circle

‘I need to be clear in my thinking about my next phase of work / life / fun.  I believe that working with you really helps me do this – much appreciated.’ 
Lesley-Anne Ryder, Anume
‘I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Coaching Circle today. As a former corporate coach and trainer myself I know how much effort will have gone into making the session so varied, engaging and smooth running. I’m feeling very uplifted by it.’
Claire Ashcroft, Coach and Trainer
‘I’m so glad I joined the Future Fixers Coaching Circle. The (virtual) sessions are always welcoming, supportive and enlightening. Dave and Karen’s passion for helping others really shines through.’
Tom Salmon

‘Thank you for allowing me to be part of the excellent coaching circle’

Kay Cook

Future Fixers Forum

‘It’s such a relief to find out there are lots of other like-minded businesses in the area.’

Hel Lawrie, Land and Sky Media

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