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Future Fixers Coaching Circle

 ‘Like a breath of fresh air’

Simon Mackereth, The Spokesman

It’s been over a year since the start of the COVID crisis, and over a year since we began delivering our Future Fixers Coaching Circle online. Twice a month, we’ve met virtually with a group of like-minded businesspeople who want to make a difference for themselves, for people, and for the planet.

So far, it’s been a fantastic journey.

We’ve helped participants to explore their values and their emotions, to boost their resilience and to learn key lessons from other cultures. We’ve supported people to understand their own needs so that they can relate well to others and become more effective both at work and at home.

But we’ve also promoted awareness of the bigger picture, because we believe that true impact is about creating that ripple effect. Whilst our group coaching sessions start with you, we think that you and your business can contribute to what the world needs too. The way you think and do things really can make a difference.

Taking an hour out of your busy schedule to ‘down tools’ and invest in yourself can be really helpful. If you’d like to work alongside others in a friendly group of reflective like-minded people, you’d be more than welcome to join us.

We’re very much looking forward to inspiring and connecting with lots more businesses over the coming months and years.

‘I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Coaching Circle today. As a former corporate coach and trainer myself I know how much effort will have gone into making the session so varied, engaging and smooth running. I’m feeling very uplifted by it.’

Claire Ashcroft, Coach and Trainer

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