Welcome to Future Fixers

Welcome to Future Fixers

Karen and Dave with young Future Fixers

What We Do

We run courses, deliver coaching programmes, and host networking events, to encourage a greener, fairer world. We align you to your deepest values and your greatest strengths. We help you to grow your networks, and we inspire connection with nature and the environment. We support you in developing your purposeful business, and in creating a life you’ll love.

How We Can Help


Choose from one-to-one or group coaching programmes to support and encourage you to make positive changes in your life or your business. Working with us helps you to understand yourself better, to gain clarity and a renewed sense of purpose and direction.


Face-to-face and online courses to help you develop and learn new skills that will inspire you to make a difference for yourself and your business or career, whilst being kind to people and planet.


Future Fixers’ networking groups and events are a great way to connect with others who have similar values. We enable you to share ideas and information, and encourage cooperation and collaboration for a fairer and greener world.

About Us

Future Fixers began with a hunch that we (Dave and Karen, husband and wife) might actually enjoy working together. We’d pondered various ideas over the years, but one day, whilst out walking in the local Lakeland fells, we came up with an ambitious plan.

We decided we’d like to make a positive difference, and that we wanted to do that by empowering business owners to play their part in a kinder, fairer and greener world. Not only that, but we also wanted to teach people how to create a slower, simpler lifestyle for themselves.

The time was right to bring together all our experience and expertise along with our passion for people and planet. We’ve taken an interesting route to get to where we are today with portfolio careers encompassing teaching, charity fundraising, project management, business and life coaching, and more.

We add to all this a deep curiosity for the world around us and for how people tick, and we thrive on reading interesting books, listening to inspirational podcasts and visiting special places in our campervan. Our clients often say they are amazed by the wealth and variety of information we curate and share.

We are clear that something needs to be done to address the worrying trend towards global increases in temperature, environmental degradation, and habitat loss. However, we take an approach that is encouraging and positive, which provides tools and information to allow for more sustainable working and living, and which inspires and connects caring people.

It all started with our flagship Purposeful Business Start-up Programme and has evolved into a range of services to support you through establishing, nurturing and growing yourself and your business. It has been a magical journey for us, and we’d love you to join us wherever you are on your journey.

Dave in the campervan
Dave in the campervan
‘Karen and Dave are wonderful people who have an infectious passion to connect and support others. If you’re looking for start-up advice, encouragement, practical tips, business coaching or a friendly cuppa we can’t recommend these guys enough.’
Josh and Emily
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