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Setting up your own purposeful business with Future Fixers makes sense if you’re itching to harness your creativity and you’re passionate about doing your bit for the environment.

Megan Rimington was one of our first Purposeful Business Start-up participants, and since then has launched not just one, but two amazing businesses: Megan Rose Studio and The Wild Rose Journey.

In many ways, Megan’s deep compassion for people and planet, keen eye for design and drawing, and the inspiration she gains from hiking in the outdoors, shone through from the beginning, and made her the ideal ‘future fixer’.

But she is also driven by strong personal values which have become a real selling point for her businesses. It’s been wonderful to see her tap into what really matters to her and to create her businesses around this.

In fact, that’s what our programme is all about, helping you to build on what you already do well, then inspiring, connecting and encouraging you throughout your journey.

At Megan Rose Studio, Megan designs ‘slow fashion’ and planet positive clothing, inspired by Mother Nature and by time spent in the outdoors. Garments are sustainably made using renewable energy and certified organic cotton. Everything is produced ethically and is designed for circularity.

Megan also produces cards and prints. These use recycled card, water-based inks and are shipped plastic free.

Megan’s second business, The Wild Rose Journey, is aimed at those aspiring to live a more mindful, intentional life. Through this business, Megan gives you the opportunity to slow down, connect with nature and learn something new, whether by attending one of her workshops or buying her Mindful Makes Kits. Megan hopes that people will embrace ‘the beginners mindset’ by having a go at something they haven’t done before, thus learning new skills and benefitting hugely from the process.

When we caught up with Megan, we were delighted to hear that she is still driven by her passions, and by an uncompromising belief in the possibility of running a profitable business which also contributes to a kinder, fairer, greener world.

She told us:

‘I believe there is a different way to run a business, one that doesn’t come at the cost of the earth. Future Fixers laid the foundations for my journey and helped me design my business with ease.’

If you’d like to make money by doing something you’re passionate about, we’ll support you to be ‘purposeful’ in your business.

Our online programme is subsidised by SLDC so is only £60 for local residents (instead of £495). For locals who are unemployed, we can offer a couple of free places. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, details and sign-up are here, or please get in touch with any questions 🙂

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