How Peer Support Boosts Confidence, Motivates and Empowers You to Make a Difference


‘These sessions are great. I’m still working on myself but networking and listening to other people’s challenges has enabled me to have a wider perspective about the challenges I am facing at work and to find some connection and solidarity from others.’


We ask anyone who comes on our Peer Support: Develop Yourself for a Better Business workshops one simple question before they begin:

‘What is your number one challenge in building a better business?’

How would YOU answer that question? Here’s what others have said. Which ones resonate with you?

Not having enough confidence

Finding it difficult to prioritise tasks

Panicking over decision-making

Managing too much ‘stuff’

Struggling with too many projects at the same time

Struggling to ‘switch off’ when I go home

Not being able to manage my time

Not being able to set boundaries or say ‘no’ when I need to

Not having enough courage to try out new ideas…

The list goes on!

Building a ‘better’ business – one that helps create a kinder, greener, fairer world and empowers people to make a positive difference – can present its own unique challenges.

But all of these challenges can be addressed by investing in your own personal effectiveness.

And happily, that’s what we help you with at our Peer Support sessions.

As a species, human beings have managed to survive (and thrive) through support and cooperation. Sharing challenges is really helpful for working out solutions, and the group support you get at our workshops goes a long way to helping you feel less isolated.

But there’s much more to our Peer Support than bringing people together to share challenges. We have lots of ways to fire up your thinking and to inspire you to get the best out of yourself and others. Time and again, participants leave sessions with a spring in their step, feeling more empowered, more motivated, and ready to put their new insights into practice. Many also tell us that they stop wasting energy on all those things they can’t control!

‘This programme has really made me think about how I manage my own working practices and other people alongside my emotions. The sessions have given me a lot of food for thought and a set of tools in my back pocket to refer to when I need some guidance on how to deal with a problem.’


Our sessions help participants to get clearer on the things that are holding them back as they strive to become the best version of themselves at work (and at home). They understand how to overcome those obstacles that lead them to keep repeating old behaviours that aren’t working.

Our online Peer Support: Develop Yourself for a Better Business sessions really can lead you on a joyful adventure of self-discovery. Everyone wins – you, those you work with, and those you live with.

Find out more and sign up for our Peer Support Group here.

‘I have found the sessions very informative. It has been interesting to learn of different ways in which I respond to behaviours and situations which are not always within my control.’


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